Write Like No One Is Reading

Hi! My name is Aly Torline – Welcome to The Alley Way. 

Since I can remember, I have used journaling as an outlet for all my spare thoughts and my creativity.  I journaled about my experiences, especially those vastly different from my peers. I wrote about being the first bat mitzvah’d female in my family and having a set of catholic grandparents who deeply disapproved (and about starting my first period at said bat mitzvah). I wrote about events that seemed earth-shattering but I can now confidently say were trivial. I wrote about the first time I had a crush on a boy, the first time I kissed a girl, breakups, and finding the one. I wrote about graduating college and re-learning who I was after life as a student-athlete ended. 

I wrote random collections of short stories to invent characters who wanted to be heard and create places that wanted to exist. In my journal, I wrote hundreds of thousands of words because it was equal parts relaxing, thought-provoking, and entertaining. For all of those years, my writing was exclusively for myself.

I thought about starting a blog years ago. I drafted a couple ‘introductory posts’ but when I read them back, they weren’t really me. The idea that others would read the blog forced my 2009 self to change the way she wrote. My writing transformed from authentic thoughts to a blog that was nothing more than words on a page. I couldn’t let that happen. Journaling was how I had begun to find my voice – I couldn’t risk losing it. I continued to journal in confidence to protect the space that was truly just for me.

Fifteen years later, I’ve become so much more willing to put myself out there and share my musings with whoever chooses to read them. I have shared written research by presenting and defending my Master’s Thesis, I’ve given multiple speeches on Mental Health and Identity, I’ve submitted my ideas to writing contests and so much more. 

So, I’m starting a blog! I’m excited to see where this space goes. My goal? Be authentic and basically write like no one is reading.


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