For a con artist on the hunt for revenge against the CEO of Magnolia Oil, trust becomes the ultimate gamble.

About Aly

Torline lives in Huntington Beach, California with her husband and their two golden retrievers. She holds an MA from Wesleyan University and a BA from Cal State San Bernardino, where she was an all-American collegiate volleyball player. She loves to travel, whether it be embarking on real world adventures or teleporting through the pages of a story she reads or writes.

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Reading Round-Up

Lately, I’ve been waiting for a specific update in my writing journey (and have been hoping for great news!). While I’m in somewhat of a state of limbo, I have been having some ideas float around for what stories I’d like to tell next, but mostly I haven’t…

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Current Projects

Deceit: The Magnolia Oil Con [unpublished]

A bold heist brings Zoe Rey one step closer to a goal she has been after for years: justice for the murder of her father. Zoe has been a skilled thief and con artist since she can remember. Now, her sights set on completing the most daring con she has ever orchestrated. And for this one, it’s personal.



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